Biodanza women’s circle – summer bliss

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Quand / Wanneer
vr 22/06/2018
20:00 - 22:00


Organisé par / Georganiseerd door
Gabriele Tomitz Profiel
email :
web :
tél : N.V.T.

Où / Waar
Tervuren city center - centre ville

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Dear beautiful women

Light. Fire. Heat. Intensity. It’s summertime!

We watch the sun reach its high point – a time when all forces of the earth have grown outward and have spread themselves even beyond the furthest blooming and greening of the plants.

Let’s come together and align with the qualities of the season, celebrating the abundance and bliss of summertime.


This evening is open to all women, no Biodanza experience needed.

Please contact me for further information and registration on:

I am looking forward to celebrating summer with you!