Biodanza women’s circle – celebrating the return of spring

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Quand / Wanneer
ven 23/03/2018
20:00 - 22:00


Organisé par / Georganiseerd door :   Gabriele Tomitz  
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web :
tél : N/D

Où / Waar
Tervuren city center - centre ville

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Dear beautiful women

After the winter rest, the power of springtime surges through nature – through us. We welcome spring together, rejoicing in the longer days and the vision of growth and re-creation after the depth and introspection we experienced in winter.

Every spring is a chance to open up, just like everything around us.  It is a time of new beginnings; everything is fresh, clean and striving to grow upward toward the sun. Feel the aliveness that comes into our being, waking up, becoming more alert and our hearts being more open.

Dancing, we tune into the season and into connection to the natural world. Taking in the light of spring, we experience the inner blossoming and prepare our ideas and projects to come to blossom too.


This evening is open to all women, no Biodanza experience needed.

I am looking forward to a powerful evening, celebrating the transition to springtime!

Warm regards,



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