Biodanza class in Tervuren with Océane and Gabi

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Quand / Wanneer
jeu 17/05/2018
19:50 - 21:45


Organisé par / Georganiseerd door :   Gabriele Tomitz  
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tél : N/D

Où / Waar
Tervuren city center - centre ville

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Dear dancers of life,

Océane and I would be pleased to welcome you to our weekly Biodanza class for beginners!

Move, dance, connect.  Feel alive, empowered and centered.

Release stress and rediscover your vital spark. There are no steps to learn, the music is infectious and we dance our own authentic  dance.  It is suitable for people of all ages and abilities as each session is taken at your own pace. Biodanza is fun as we reconnect with the joy of the moment, freedom of expression and feeling fully alive.

You will leave with a lighter heart, more joy, vibrancy and a greater connection to Life.

► ► ►The time is Now! Come as you are! ◄ ◄ ◄

For practical details or more information please contact us via mail at or have a look at our website

Let’s come together and dance!

Warm regards

Océane and Gabi